Worst driver's in the world - Men vs Women!

Worst drivers in the world – Men vs Woman!

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I’m a woman, so naturally when asked about the worst drivers in the world see the King Price blog , I pondered about whether I should address the whole “Are men really better drivers than woman?” issue. If you’re a good journalist or blogger, research has to support your findings, so “aresearching I went”. What I found was rather interesting… I’m no feminist or pro-gender in any way but in my experience woman do tend to be ditzier drivers. Sorry ladies but its true. Men however have proved to take far more risks driving, tend to break traffic rules and drive at high speeds which result in fatal accidents. The findings that follow are extracted from various surveys and statistical findings from all over the world. A recent survey conducted in the UK has suggested that driving’s battle of the sexes appears to have been won by women! This is where 90% of the men cough, “Bullsh*t!” What’s even funnier is that the survey found that only 28 per cent of women believed they were better drivers than men – and only 13 per cent of men thought women were better behind the wheel. Psychologically men believe that they are […]



Ambassadoggy judging week is here!!!

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We sent out a call and received a resounding howl of support for the M-Net Movies Family Ambassadoggy campaign. The amount of entries that came in convinced me of the importance of taking every opportunity to take every adventure with our dogs. Thandi also made me realise how fast time flies from puppyhood to maturity and I wouldn’t miss shaping her growth for anything! Dogs really bring us so much joy! That’s why I am so excited to be a part of these doggy diaries through the contest. We are that much closer to finding the bone-a-fide winner <ha ha ha> of the Ambassadoggy contest being run by M-Net Movies. This week is officially judging week! This means that as the panel of dog-loving judges we are narrowing down entrants into our top 5. Big, small, fluffy and friendly – we have seen them all. The responses have been great so far with hilarious and entertaining clips showing skill and creativity. The Ambassadoggy judges will be judging entries based on looks, performance, and the creativity of the entry as well as how well-trained your canine companion is. If you have entered your dog into the Ambassadoggy competition, this will be […]

MNET are looking for their very first Ambassadoggy!

M-NET Movies Family is on the prowl for an #Ambassadoggy!

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If your dog is as cool as my canine daughter, Thandi, then M-Net Movies wants him or her to be an #Ambassadoggy and the face of channel 105.  We’re all aware that every dog has a personality that is unique and often very entertaining. Having the privilege to be care-givers for our dogs gives us a front row seat to all the comical shenanigans that take place at home! The cleaning up part though? We can all secretly agree that that isn’t the most fun. Cleaning up after Thandi’s hilarious mishaps are made that much easier however after looking at that cute, apologetic face. To launch the campaign, the channel worked with YouTube extraordinaires – Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues – to create this humorous piece of online video content:   So now you’re a little interested in how your awesome doggy can get in on the action aren’t you? Well, it’s pretty easy. The hardest part will be deciding on just one image or video to post! All you have to do is submit a picture or a video onto the M-Net website, showing why your dog should be crowned the M-Net ambassadoggy.  Once your image or video […]


Retinoids & your skin

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Retinoids are a class of chemical compounds structurally related to vitamin A. This group includes different structural forms of Vit A, eg. an aldehyde form (retinaldehyde), an alcohol form (retinol), a carboxylic acid form (retinoic acid) or an ester form (retinyl palmitate/acetate). Retinol is the alcohol form of the vitamin A molecule.  It is considered a cosmetic ingredient and found only in non-prescription products (mostly skin care). Retinol can be broken down to become other forms of vitamin A that are found in skin-care products or prescription products. Generally, pure retinol is considered more effective than retinol derivatives. Prescription retinoid products such as Retin-A contain the active ingredient retinoic acid (tretinoin). Tretinoin is far more potent than retinol but carries a higher risk of irritation. When doctors discuss “prescription retinol”, they’re referring to various forms of vitamin A that can only be used in prescription medications. Retin-A is the best known prescription retinoid and can be prescribed by your dermatologist or GP. Retin-A has a lightweight cream texture and is most often prescribed for acne. Tretinoin is also available as a generic that is just as effective as brand name versions. Regardless of brand or texture, tretinoin fights wrinkles, uneven skin […]