Carter is the new “Tinder” for buying a car!

After driving my trusty Toyota around for years and years, it was time to buy a new car a few months ago. I distinctly remember being incredibly overwhelmed by the choices out there! Buying a car is a complicated process, involves parting with a significant sum of your hard-earned money and lets face it, your life depends on the safety of whichever car you choose! I honestly had NO idea where to begin and scoured the internet for hours but there really was no one go-to site or app where I could make quick comparisons based on a number of factors!

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How do you start your great day?


I have to admit that with being about 98 weeks pregnant, my days start off rather S-L-O-W-L-Y now, with me resembling something close to the Oros man wobbling around and I don’t have much motivation right now other than getting this little human out of me! :-)

Most mornings start off with a cup of coffee or herbal tea in bed, which ever tickles my fancy that day, followed by a healthy breakfast and then maybe some yoga at home or a short trail run or I jump straight to work - emails, writing, meetings or a photo shoot. No two days are the same which keeps things rather interesting!

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Love your gut!

Entiro probiotics

A few years ago, my husband, professional ultra-distance trail runner, Ryan Sandes and I, both contracted Giardia whilst hiking in the Fish River Canyon - a water-born parasite that infects the small intestine. Hundreds of people hike the canyon every year and the water in the Fish River is thought to be safe but authorities do recommend using water purification tablets. I have to admit that there were a few occasions that we were simply too thirsty to wait 15 to 30 minutes for water to purify.

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