How do you start your great day?


I have to admit that with being about 98 weeks pregnant, my days start off rather S-L-O-W-L-Y now, with me resembling something close to the Oros man wobbling around and I don’t have much motivation right now other than getting this little human out of me! :-)

Most mornings start off with a cup of coffee or herbal tea in bed, which ever tickles my fancy that day, followed by a healthy breakfast and then maybe some yoga at home or a short trail run or I jump straight to work - emails, writing, meetings or a photo shoot. No two days are the same which keeps things rather interesting!

morning break1

Luckily my mum was rather strict when it came to my nutrition as a child and I was only allowed one sweetie a week on a Friday after school, and skipping meals like breakfast was a no-no! Feeding a child breakfast can however sometimes be problematic and I remember Coco Pops being a staple part of my diet! Not only are they yum but they’re packed with fantastic nutrients specially formulated to optimise children’s nutrition.

I recently lost my 97 year old grandpa… He was such a legend! He survived being shot down in his Spitfire in World War II, was imprisoned in Stalag Luft III for years (where ‘the Great Escape’ took place from) and was the scientific advisor to the president in the 60’s. Bragging aside, grandpa Denis taught all us grandkids how imporatnt meal times are and spending them together as a family. Meals with him and granny were almost a spiritual ritual of sorts! At 7am every morning, sitting at the laid-out dining room table, he would mix his cereal - Kelloggs All Bran Flakes, Kelloggs All-Bran Hi-Fibre, a little muesli, a dash of fresh cream and milk, half a sliced banana and 11 raisins - no more, no less! This concoction took several minutes to put together and we used to laugh at this daily ritual but grandpa clearly did something right when it came to his nutrition and lifestyle because he lived a magnificent and full life! I really miss him.

I wake up hungry most mornings, especially now that I’m growing a little person inside me. After my coffee or tea, I have a bowl of All-Bran Hi-Fibre, with some chia and flax seeds, topped off with sliced banana, some berries and of course a dash of low-fat or full cream milk. I also enjoy a slice of Cape Seed bread with almond butter, half a teaspoon of raw honey and top it with sliced banana. If I feel I need some more protein, I whip up some scrambled eggs quick-quick. But no matter how rushed I am or whether I’m hungry or not, I make time for brekkie. Getting your blood sugar levels up after 6 to 8 hours of sleep and no food is incredibly important!


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