Carter is the new “Tinder” for buying a car!

After driving my trusty Toyota around for years and years, it was time to buy a new car a few months ago. I distinctly remember being incredibly overwhelmed by the choices out there! Buying a car is a complicated process, involves parting with a significant sum of your hard-earned money and lets face it, your life depends on the safety of whichever car you choose! I honestly had NO idea where to begin and scoured the internet for hours but there really was no one go-to site or app where I could make quick comparisons based on a number of factors!

I’m a woman so what on earth do I know about cars and my dear husband, bless him, is not much better when it comes to knowledge about things driven by horse power! How I wish there had been an easier way to make this very important choice, particularly because I had a new-born baby so my vehicle needs had changed completely, especially when it comes to safety ratings and things called ISOFIX seats?!

I needed a little bit of Carter back in my life then but unfortunately the brand had not launched yet so my tedious task took a lot longer than I had anticipated! Had I just waited a few more months, I would have had the most fun, user friendly, WORLD FIRST app that uses a tinder interface and algorithm to find the ideal vehicle for you! I may know nothing about cars but I’m pretty handy when it comes to technology and after spending just a few minutes checking out the app, I realized how much easier my life would have been had I had this nifty application available to me earlier this year!

carter2 carter1 

Carter lets you avoid having to visit hundreds of dealerships and dealing with salespeople. It puts the fun back into buying new cars and this is evident from the very first click, taking you through easy-to-navigate screens filled with awesome avatars. What would otherwise be a rather complicated process, carter’s technology simplifies at the click of a button!

Carter 3

Co-founder Tom Gardner compared Carter to Edgars. “There isn’t an Edgars for new cars. There isn’t anywhere you can browse hatchbacks or compact SUVs side by side. The problem with this is that there may be the perfect compact SUV out there for you, you just don’t know about it. By creating a virtual showroom that allows people to browse by usage requirements, we have created a virtual Edgars for cars.”
Unlike most mobile apps, the platform can also be used on one’s desktop/laptop so if your mobile phone isn’t around, or you want a slightly bigger screen, you can just go to

I could choose from options such as “big boots sedan, farm roads, hard core 4 x 4, lekker bakkie, soccer mom” etc. and prioritise which is most important to me. Then I could chose price range, fuel type, gear box and what matters to me most in terms of safety, gadgets and maintenance! 
Never before has buying a new car being this convenient and easy! I so wish it had been around a few months ago! Next time!