Help yourself!

In this day and age, with the speed at which we live our lives, there simply is no time to wait to be helped, so why not just help yourself? I’ve been an FNB customer for as long as I can remember and I am repeatedly amazed not only by their cellphone app but also their banking website and it’s security. FNB’s digital services are so well designed to help you help yourself and not to be bothered with too many branch visits and phone calls. Convenience is the order of the day! It also comes as no surprise that they’ve won many international innovation awards.

For the last 10+ years my career has forced me to live a really fast-paced life, with little time for standing in queues or making phone calls where I’m put on hold for 15 minutes! FNB’s banking app makes my life so much easier and I do everything from buying electricity to managing my bank accounts and making internet banking payments. I also buy cellphone data and airtime using the app. There are a bunch of other products I haven’t even had the opportunity to try out as yet, like purchasing vouchers and renewing my car license through the “NAV car” option.


FNB recently added the “Savings Pocket” to my portfolio of accounts, at no cost, to help me save every month. I didn’t even have to ask them for it – they simply added it and let me know how it all works! Now that is the future of HELP!

My favourite banking product of all time is eBucks! Just after I completed my tertiary studies, I moved into my own place and needed a vacuum cleaner. Being a broke student meant I didn’t have much money for one. Then I noticed I had enough eBucks to purchase one so I didn’t need to spend the money. I STILL have that vacuum cleaner! Ha ha! The joy of eBucks for those little unexpected extras!

The ease, speed and functionality of FNB digital and the FNB App platforms improves our lives in so many ways! They really are the future of help!