• Another KTM :-)
  • Getting ready to kick Chappies’ butt
  • The Zee man!
  • Thanks Velocity & Vida!
  • The group make their way up Chapman’s Peak
  • IMG_3151
  • The Group at the top of Chappies
  • Machines, Zee & Oli
  • Nicole, Chantel & I
  • IMG_3144
  • Chantel & Sean at the top of Chappies
  • Lexi & Hans followed by Jan
  • Serena takes a rest at the top… ;-)
  • Rad giveaways!
  • Lexi & Craig
  • Chilling after our ride

“Vanessa & Friends” is growing beautifully!

June 17, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

A few weeks ago I had to cancel my “Vanessa & Friends” social ride due to an impending Cyclone making its way to Cape Town! Thank heavens I made the call because the weather was nuts! The high winds and torrential rain went on for days! So, with little notice (winter weather in Cape Town is so unpredictable), and a great forecast from Windguru, I decided to have the postponed ride this last weekend.

Cyclists of varying strengths, arrived at Velocity Sports Lab in Hout Bay on Saturday morning on their mountain and road bikes. We had a fantastic turn out, the weather was sunny and there was not a breath of wind! Vida provided us with our caffeine-kick cappuccinos that kept us all going for the 20-odd km’s we rode (Hout Bay to Sun Valley and back).

The Group at the top of Chappies

The Group at the top of Chappies

The reason I started this social ride was to grow the sport of cycling, to give fellow cycling enthusiasts a chance to interact and chat, and to get newbies into the sport. Hardcore cyclists often get too caught up in training and racing, and we tend to forget why we started cycling in the first place…for the pure enjoyment of it! People wanting to start cycling are literally terrified to join the “crazy athletes” because as they’ve said to me, “You guys will just ride away from me!” These #cyclewithness rides put racing egos aside and allow us to just have a good time and enjoy the view! Machines like Zee Ismail, Oliver Munnik and Paul Ingpen even joined in!

There have been many cyclists involved in road accidents, most fatal, so this road ride in particular was also in honour of those who’ve lost their lives on the road and to raise awareness of road cyclists in South Africa. In order to make all my guests feel at ease, Jan du Toit (aka Player 23-the guy anyone can rely on!) from Cycle Lab drove a branded vehicle behind us to alert motorists of our group of cyclists. Everyone rode safely and motorists were patient and respectful of our presence which was great!

We all reconvened back at Velocity at the end of the ride, had some more coffee and Jan was there to hand out some great giveaways ! Thank you so much to my sponsors KTM and Cycle Lab for your unwavering support, and to my partners Oakley, Cape Union Mart, Craft, Mesoestetic and Ma Mere. A special thanks to Velocity Sports Lab for hosting us and for the Vida cappuccinos! And to Craig who took pics for us!

Last but not least, a huge thank you to all of you who joined in for the ride! What an amazing morning! See you at the next one!

Vanessa Haywood
Vanessa Haywood

I grew up on a farm in Mpumalanga, South Africa and spent most of my childhood running in wheat fields and covered in mud! I come from a family of five. My mum, Caroline has been with the Medi-Clinic group for many years and my dad, Eric is in the milling industry having come from a farming background. I have two gorgeous younger sisters, Kim (26) and Robyn (19).

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